Platform to create seamless services for government

We are in the process of rebranding to Symfoni Solutions.

On a mission from:

To evaluate how to use blockchain for realization of the governments digitization strategy

the Business registry

How can a company secretary, familiar only with his accounting system, use this interface to update the cap table? How can we publish shareholder agreements that are self-fulfilling (if I sell my shares, you may sell yours, etc.?) 


We won the Hack4Health hackathon!

Together with Tieto, we created a solution for seamless services in the health sector. We came in second and won € 4.000 and are now in the running for €120.000.

hack4health vant hackathon
Martin er best. Vant pitch. Konsent


We won the A-Tech pitching contest!

This year, a total of 60 companies have competed in the A-tech pitching contest. We went to the next round and ended up in the split second place!

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