Organizational Transformation

We believe companies, institutions and organizations are moving on from the organizational structures of the industrial revolution. We believe we should focus on Purpose more than profits. That we should empower our users, instead of controlling them. And we believe that we have moving from complex hierarchies to Networks. Network economies, network of tokens and networks of users.

– We help you navigate this brave new world.

We help you flourish

Advice & Consultation

We help clients understand and use blockchain technology. From introductory lectures to workshops, Proof of Concepts or launching an ICO.

We build the future

Product Development

We build scalable decentralised applications and blockchain solutions for the future.

We spread the word

Community & Events

We spread knowledge and foster adoption of blockchain technology through Oslo Blockchain Day and free monthly meetups.

Meet the Blockchangers


Jonas Therkelsen

Blockchain Developer

Irina Brun

Blockchain Developer

Oskar Åslund

Blockchain Solution Architect

Simen Reynolds

Blockchain Solution Architect

Robin Pedersen

Blockchain Developer

Jon Ramvi