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The prototype simplifies the real estate buying process for buyers and sellers. Instead of many weeks, a lot of paperwork and financial risk you can buy and sell the apartment in just a few seconds. All thanks to blockchain at the right spot at the right time.


How can a company secretary, familiar only with his accounting system, use this interface to update the cap table? How can we publish shareholder agreements that are self-fulfilling (if I sell my shares, you may sell yours, etc.?) 


We won the Hack4Health hackathon!

Together with Tieto, we adapted our Konsent prototype to work for health, allowing users to own their own and control their data in a secure way. We came in second and won € 4.000 and are now in the running for €120.000.
hack4health vant hackathon
Martin er best. Vant pitch. Konsent


We won the A-Tech pitching contest!

This year, a total of 60 companies have competed in the A-tech pitching contest. Martin Knutli presented Konsent in front of 700 business executives, investors, entrepreneurs, journalists, and other technology enthusiasts. We went to the next round and ended up in the split second place!

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