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A platform where transparent shareholding in small and medium sized enterprises fosters innovation.

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Cloudless In Brief

Cloudless offers small and medium sized enterprises access to the capital markets that empowers big corporations. We turn shares and other proofs of ownership into liquid assets that may be traded, used as collateral, marketed and pooled in any number of ways.

Today, a private individual would be daring or foolhardy to put money in unlisted equity rather than a home, a bank accounts or a listed share. Maybe, in a not too distant future, he or she will be able to fund a local theatre, a tech startup or a wide range of small and medium sized enterprises. In that future, shareholding is democratized and a vastly larger section of our citizens will be able to benefit from their insights or their willingness to take risk.

Although the risk of business failure remains, we may remove the great body of uncertainty tied to governance, transaction costs, liquidity and third party risks. We may make the rules of the game transparent and equal for everyone, and we may turn ordinary shares into liquid assets that can easily be transferred or used as collateral.

We may offer these advantages, not only for companies on a stock exchange, but for the small and medium sized companies that will share the economies of tomorrow.

Cloudless acts as a trust architecture where companies may list their shares and where a number of parties can collaborate to create the required user-interfaces and services. In effect, we build a capitalization table (“cap table”) that doubles as the actual equity. Strictly speaking, transparency may also be achieved through one central database that lists every issue related to shareholding. The real beauty of Cloudless is the merger of a public registry with the services of financial services firms.

The developer community

Cloudless is an open source project initiated by Blockchangers, a leading Nordic company for blockchain engineering and consulting. We work towards enabling a “Web 3.0 future”, where people control their digital self, data silos are torn down and data can flow freely. We have worked with many of Norway’s largest corporates in developing blockchain proof of concepts, prototypes and other solutions. Some of our deliverables include a blockchain platform for real estate trading (made for the largest property developer in Norway), a complete setup for a crypto hedge fund including fundraising and platform development, and development of a full solution to solve piracy of movies. 

Blockchangers are vocal advocates of open source programming and have committed ourselves to releasing as much of our code as we find possible. By releasing our code, we do not claim any responsibility for any outcome as a result of using our code. All third parties who choose to copy our code, build on top of our code or use our code in any other way, do so strictly at their own risk.

Open Source

Reestablishing Trust in Society

Trust architecture for cap tables

Cloudless offers small and medium sized enterprises access to the liquid capital markets that empowers big corporations.

Fair trade and the fair monetization

Our platform proves ownership of a share and the “rules of the game” associated with trading in this share.

Greater visibility of public spending and a greater transparency

The use of a blockchain platform to establish a cap table and facilitate the trading of its shares and the exercise of shareholders’ rights and privileges requires transparency.

Enabling accountability, rewarding of participation

Implicitly and explicitly, the platform introduces a high degree of self-regulation on the commons which is SME capital markets.

The collaborative economy

The decisions made in a boardroom, an investor meeting or a general meeting of shareholders will be the source of truth, recapitulated on the blockchain and used directly for the purpose of public registries.

Financial inclusion

Anybody investing in property or listed shares, will be able to use these assets as collateral to finance other investments.


Reestablish trust in society

Trust can be built by democratizing the concept of shareholding, lowering the transaction costs and improving the usability of shares to a point where ordinary employees, if given the chance, might find shareholding a relevant option.

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