Learn & Build with Polkadot, Parity and Blockchangers

On April 29th, join us for our first ever Oslo Blockchain Day Learn & Build. Top experts from Polkadot, Parity, Blockchangers will gather downtown Oslo to teach, build and learn Cool Things.TM

Should you attend? Frickin yes!

It’s a free, world-class workshop for building awesome things with Shawn Tabrizi and many others!

Blockchangers will also be giving out a 1-month slot in our office (With great coffee and lunches) to someone cool.

So yes, join!

We have only few spots so apply right away!

Send us your LinkedIn and/or Github, and tell us why you want to come and what you do. About a Tweets worth of text is enough.


What if I only know a little about blockchain, can I come? Yes.
What if I am an expert on blockchain, will I learn something new? Also yes!

Polkadot Meetup

Hold off the evening too, because the fabulous team at Polkadot will host a Meetup with food and drinks, THAT’S ALSO FREE and open for all! – Register for Polkadots event here

Oslo Blockchain Day

Lastly, if you are coming from far away, and a single day seems a little short, join us for Oslo Blockchain Day on April 30th. It is the 4th time we organize the OBD, where we’ve had previous speakers like Vinay Gupta, Andreas M. Antonopoulos, William Mougayar and many more.

This year we are excited to explore a new topic – democratizing technologies or #demtech. 

Get your tickets to Oslo Blockchain Day here