Meet and read about Blockchangers

It is all started in 2015. One of our founders, Jon Ramvi, have been learning about cryptography and stumbled upon blockchain. 

He got so excited about the democratizing effects of this technology, that he went ahead and started Blockchangers together with several others. 

In 2017 the team was chosen for the most elegible startup accelerator in Norway – StartupLab. Right after corporate requests and new projects started pouring in, the team extended to 9 people and moved in to a office loft in the center of Oslo. 

Today we do R&D for companies and our own projects. We believe that blockchain is the steam engine of the third industrial revolution. We are its humble engineers.

Other articles and media posts

Hear us on Norway`s most famous podcast LØ

Hvordan kan blockchain fungere som en digital identitet? Og hvordan snur blockchain forretningsmodeller på hodet for å styrke personvernet?

Hva er forskjellen på kryptovaluta, smartkontrakt-plattformer og Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT)? Og hvordan kan Blockchain fremprovoserer demokratisering?

Hvordan har data blitt vår nye valuta? Og hvordan kan Blockchain ha en positiv effekt på hvordan samfunnet vårt fungerer?Hør om «Kryptomafia» — et Ethereum-spill der du samler på data. 

IN ENGLISH: Simen Reynolds in Blockchangers is working on an exciting blockchain project – Zoom Tech. Hear his talk about the idea behind Zoom,  smart contracts and blockchain. 

  • Hackathon on health and blockchain in Kongsberg
  • Shared 2nd place on Innovation Challenge at A-tech conference by
  •  Won the UN Hackathon in 2017. Parts of the hackathon team took the idea further and founded a great company called Diwala


Here you find short overview of the company and projects, press photos of our team and information about blockchain