Web3 companies based in Oslo

AKJ Crypto is operated by AK Jensen Group Limited. It is a hedge fund platform with specialization in cryptocurrencies, and has an accompanying Security Token which mirrors your investment portfolio and pays dividends based on the platforms performance.

Diwala is a blockchain platform to verify people's skills. Targeted towards refugees in refugee-camps, building a non-corruptable CV on the blockchain.

Decentralized application analytics platform for the Ethereum blockchain. Query the blockchain with SQL. Get product analytics. Get personalized support and expertise.

JoyStream is a user governed video platform, on which you can earn monero by seeding torrents, or pay monero to download torrents.

JSGenesis is an organization connected to the JoyStream network, contributing to the development and administration of the network.

BitSpace is a Norwegian Blockchain company specializing in enterprise solutions, application development and community growth.

Bitgate is developed by Bitspace. It is a mobile wallet for digital assets (like bitcoin, ether) and supports sending, receiving, and buying cryptocurrencies.

White Rabbit

White Rabbit allows you to reward the films and series you stream, on whatever peer-to-peer platform you choose to stream from.

OBOS engaged in creating a proof-of-concept which demonstrates real estate and ownership transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

DNB is Norway's largest consumer bank and is involved in a number of Blockchain projects and proof-of-concepts.

Iagon is creating a global supercomputer which is powered by artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

HarmonyChain help Commodity Producers get substantially Higher Commodity Prices than Equity value of Commodities

BullToken is a cryptocurrency trading insights (and community) platform.

Friend is an open source operating system for the internet. They provide customized applications to organizations, built on their OS.

IRIS.AI is a tool to find open-access research papers quickly - using AI, NLP and blockchain.


An application that allows people to donate money to people willing to pick up plastic trash, utilizing the blockchain.

The second largest blockchain-community in Norway (after Blockchangers), active in hosting events on the topic - mostly in Oslo.

Arcane Crypto is a company which invests in and trades cryptocurrencies and related derivatives - as well as invest in projects, build partnerships and develop their own solutions.