One of the best blockchain conferences of the year.
— Business Insider, 2017

The event


Oslo Blockchain Day is one of Europe's largest annual blockchain events. This years event will be held April 24th, at the rustic urban DOGA Arena in the center of Oslo!

Oslo Blockchain Day is now on its third year and ambitions are higher than ever. In 2017 it was the largest blockchain conference in the Nordics, with 250 visitors and 40 speakers, including Andreas Antonopoulos, Vinay Gupta, Fabian Vogelsteller and Garrick Hileman.


Oslo Blockchain Day 2018 will be held on the 24th of April 2018. We anticipate more than 300 participants and are planning two parallel thematic tracks, one general audience-oriented and one tech-oriented.


The conference features some of the most renowned speakers on Blockchain globally, covering both theoretical and technical aspects, as well as use-cases utilising both private and public chains.


Keynote Speakers


William Mougayar

Author, "The Business Blockchain"
Advisor, Investor, Mentor to Tech Entrepreneurs and Founders on Strategy, Marketing and Growth. An internationally-renowned original thinker, author, speaker and advisor on business-technology strategy and globalization issues.

Vinay Gupta

Founder at Mattereum & Hexayurt Capital, Cryptothinker
Vinay is founder at Hexayurt Capital. He is a legendary crypto-thinker. He was part of the Ethereum Project, and has designed Dubai's Blockchain Strategy.

Event Program




Eyal Hertzog

Co-founder, Bancor
Eyal, the Chief Architect and Head of Product Development at Bancor Network, is a serial entrepreneur. Besides Bancor, he is the co-founder and former CCO of the popular video sharing website Metacafe, as well as co-founding the proffesional online network "Contact Network" in 1998.

Christoph Jentzsch

Founder & CEO

Christoph co-founded, working on the decentralized sharing economy through the connection of Blockchain and IoT. He has been part of the Ethereum project as Lead Tester, securing and shaping the core protocol working on the C++ client. 


Jon Ramvi

CEO, Blockchangers

Recently rated among "Top 40 under 40" in Norway's business community, Jon is the founder of the leading blockchain studio in the Nordics - Blockchangers. Earlier, he was Tech Lead for DNBs blockchain project. Before Ethereum, Jon was Head of Technology for NovaVista, developing software solutions for companies like Samsung. Jon has a degree in Informatics.


Stefan George

Co-founder and CTO at Gnosis

Stefans blockchain experience goes back to before Ethereums inception when he founded the Gnosis project. Gnosis is creating a prediction market platform which is to be presented at the conference, along with some of their open-source technologies. 


Larry Sanger

Co-founder of Everipedia & Wikipedia

Larry Sanger, Wikipedia's co-founder, is coming to talk about why he joined Everipedia, a more modern encyclopedia that rejects Wikipedia's "notability" policy. Everipedia is moving content to the blockchain and providing a platform for other encyclopedias to do the same.


Willem-Jan Bruin

Director W. Europe, Bitfury

20+ years international sales and senior management experience with multinational and large enterprise clients. The result orientated professional and entrepreneur, has successfully created, managed, retained and developed diverse, multi-cultural teams within the Software and ICT sector. 


Kristoffer Nærland

Blockchain Strategist, BrainBot

BrainBot is working on the frontlines of Ethereum development, with the Raiden Network and Trustlines Network being their primary focus. Kristoffer is coming this year to give us an upgraded version of the DevCon3 presentation of the Trustlines Network! 


Roger Haenni

Co-founder & CEO of Datum

Roger is a Big Data nerd who co-founded Datum, a distributed database governing safe exchange and trade of data. By allowing anyone to securely and anonymously backup structured data from any device, Datum is aiming to become the eBay of Data.


Nicholas Vandrey

Head of Data, Funderbeam

As the leader of Funderbeam Data, Nicholas is in charge of leading development of Funderbeam's data intelligence platform through a combination of strategic partnerships, data mining, and statistical analysis.


Oskar Åslund

COO AKJ Crypto, Co-founder Blockchangers

Oskar is COO of AKJ Crypto plc, who recently launched a turnkey platform for crypto hedge funds. He is also co-founder of Blockchangers, a center for blockchain expertise in Oslo. He has been a consultant to several blockchain projects and is a speaker and educator on the topic. He has a masters degree from the University of Oslo on the use of blockchain technology in the financial sector.


Arne Blix

Founder and CEO, Friend

Arne Blix is a succesful serial entrepreneur. His latest venture - Friend, an operating environment that unifies web applications and gives them an ecosystem to thrive in, which is to support decentralized operation capabilities. 


Alan Milligan

CEO, WhiteRabbit

Alan is a film producer with awards from Cannes, Venice, Gothenburg and more than 50 other awards and nominations. Prior to this Alan was a software entrepreneur, developing a database for safe transportation of chemicals at sea. Alan holds an MA in International Relations and International Business.


Fredrik Haga

Trend Manager Blockchain, Schibsted

Fredrik is responsible for Schibsted's blockchain efforts. Currently exploring a broad range of potential use cases for Schibsted's 200 different internet companies. He fell into the cryptocurrency rabbit hole in 2015 and haven't crawled back up since. 


Einar-Andre R. Bydal

Innovation Developer, DNB

Einar is an Innovation Developer at DNB who explores and experiments with new technology. Einar has an entrepreneurial/CS background and co-founded several software/hardware companies within mHealth and IoT, prior to joining DNB.

Magnus Jones Bilde

Magnus Jones

Tax Technologist, EY

Magnus Jones is a Tax Technologist and head of Blockchain & DLT at EY in Norway. He works close with the European blockchain market, assisting clients with everything from regulatory challenges to technical implementations. Magnus is an experienced international speaker within digital trends and technology in general. Board member of the Norwegian Computer Society Group, and Norwegian Ambassador of European Legal Technology Association.


Joel Torstensson

uPort, Consensys

Joel is a Computer Scientist and tackles problems in the cryptospace. His interest in using technology to create positive change lead him to blockchain technology, coming to present the uPort self-sovereign identity project. 


Viktor Ogeman

Innovation Development Specialist, DNB

Viktor currently works as an innovation development specialist at DNB, focusing on new IT-tech such as Blockchain, Machine Learning etc. He has a background as digital innovation manager and engineer in the maritime industry and as founder and developer in an IT startup. Viktor is an avid sailor and loves difficult problems, give him a technical challenge and he won’t shy away.


Thea Myhren

CEO, Diwala

Thea is the CEO and Co-Founder of Diwala - the digital economy platform for refugees, the concept developed at the UN Women Hackathon event. She has a Masters from the Creative Business school Hyper Island in Digital Media Management. 7 years and 8 countries later she ventured into addressing challenges with technology, designing scalable and sustainable solutions on human impact. 

Venue in the center of Oslo

DOGA Arena, Hausmanns gate 16, 0182 Oslo