Your easy gateway to decentralized finance

  • Easy access to interest bearing assets, geared investments or even automated asset management strategies
  • Save fees, time and hassle with one-click rebalancing
  • No tech jargon. Only focus on benefits and results

Just connect with Metamask, choose the assets you want, adjust your balances and click “Rebalance.”


* If you’re new to the decentralized finance, check out our encyclopedia here


How it works

Our service is an implementation that talks to different elements in the ecosystem. Rebalance is a small custom implementation handling acceptance of transactions, and a small custom implementation allowing the sending of several swaps in the same transaction. This makes it possible to run several transactions with just one click. 

Powered by open protocols uses the full value of the open finance ecosystem

Why trust us?

Everyone worries about their assets – security is the top one concern for holders of cryptocurrency (cf. our survey on barriers to entry). Rebalance is offered free of charge by enthusiasts – with no fees and no revenue. Hence, we have currently not set aside funds for insurance and security audits. So why would you trust us? 

First, the Rebalance contract code is set in stone on the Ethereum blockchain and cannot be altered. It is, of course, open for anyone to read and review.

Second, Rebalance was built by The dApp development is funded strictly through other paid development and advisory work for corporations and the Norwegian government. We cannot afford even the suspicion of foul play.

Third, the proof of the pudding is the eating! You may simply let Rebalance handle a tiny amount of crypto to prove that it works.

Our first ever batch transaction using the Rebalance code